Dog Walker


My name is

Cheryl Mohney Marino.

As a personal cat and dog owner, I have years of experience caring for pets of all types, including cats, dogs, birds, and more.


I can't wait to hear from you!

A pet lover at heart.


At every step of the way.  I treat all of my clients (and fur babies) with the utmost care, comfort, and professionalism.


When taking care of your pets, I will be available for questions and updates, as well as provide peace of mind with flexible scheduling options.  


Animals have always been an integral part of my personal life, and I am excited to provide my tailored services within the local community.

Cheryl Mohney Marino

Owner​, Walkin' the Dog

P:  (818) 472-1117


Proudly serving parts of Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties in Pennsylvania.

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